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ICET IT has successfully launched it's pilot project with the Govt. of Tamil Nadu on Artificial Intelligence based Smart Attendance system - a face reader app which recognizes the student’s face and marks his/her attendance into a system.  Teachers can generate digital reports and parents will be notified with an SMS if the student is absent. 

Video from Tamil News Channel.

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 ICET IT helps in changing the way organizations run their business. Our teams will incipient bringing the strategies and plan for improving in decision making quality of the management. Eventually, develops pristine products and services at good tempo.  

Managed Services


 ICET IT has significant presence in managed services. Our consultant brings artifice solution to help you in implementing your IT strategy.  

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 ICET IT supports tip to toe product development. We help you to extrapolate the right requirements and build unborn products. In conjunction with, our support team will be watchful on your post launch obligations.   

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Minerva ERP


Minerva  is a fruitful piece for the school management software system which helps schools in managing complex functions such as Collection of fees, Processing Results, Attendance, Transportation, Maintenance of Library, Procurement, Timetable, Staff, Salary, Online examination etc. Minerva system is where we use technology to teach students.

Smart Attendance System


 A subset of  Computer Vision, "Smart Attendance" system will reduce the time wastage and efforts of the administrative staff towards student roll processing in any institution. 

Robotic process automation


Recreating the process automation technology business based on the idea of software robots.Bots are deployed for automating several repeatable tasks through robotic process automation and use natural language processing to communicate with your customers.How does Cognitive AI help you and your customers?


IVR on Cloud


Interactive voice recording (IVR)  takes  contributions from the user  and utilizes them to respond to  the user  proactively .

Audio Analyzer


A sub product of the IVR on cloud, to abscond the irrelevancy of the calls, assess customer reactions and take actions accordingly. 

Asset Tracking


 Ever lost or misplaced anything? Don't worry! Here we are geared up with Asset Tracking tools which not only spot your assets but also update the data retrieved on cloud from time to time.  

Cyber Security with an AI Built


  A phone can collect 100’s of hidden factors like the way you walk, you swipe the screen, you hold the phone.These information are unique for each individual .

We created a Behavioural  AI for web and mobile apps that automatically recognise es user based on this data. Nothing to remember ,to type or to do.

Computer Vision


 Computer vision building technology for obtaining  information from images and multi-dimensional data.  Framing computer vision is closely linked with artificial intelligence, as the computer must interpret what it sees, and then perform appropriate analysis or act accordingly.   

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We do digital marketing which directly builds your brand and generates the revenue. 

  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Campaign Management. 
  • Advertising Campaigns. 
  • Content Writing Services. 
  • Lead Gen Campaign and many more.


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