virtual assistance powered by intentico (COGNITIVE AI)


 We help you  engage with your customers through our conversational interfaces chat bots , voice bots , email bots , IOT bots etc and deliver faster, cheaper   and better solutions  using advanced machine intelligence and advanced natural language processing  

At ICET, we believe your business is  unique and so are your customers. 

 You can rely on our Virtual  Assistants being smart personal assistants for your 

customers and augment your human agents, operate 24/7, and provide multiple benefits that 

eventually turn into competitive advantages -faster, cheaper & better. Give the choice of 

channel to your customers yet reduce your service costs or increase revenues by deploying 

our solutions.



  • Deployment is your choice - Cloud or On Premise
  • Data and Process Consulting initially to set bot performance metrics that is met by us
  • Voice, Text, Email, Social, IOT - Channel choice and cross-sync available
  • Adaptive Flow Engine and Bot Builders that ease the workflow processes and can get you up to speed in a day or two
  • Dynamic Learning Loops: Each of the decision engine, flow engine and NLP (Natural language processing) engines interact and learn dynamically from each other
  • Best-in Class Security and key integrations into your systems

Bot Benefits 


  • Bots can perform almost all the tasks that a human agent can perform and are more faster, cheaper to maintain and better to manage.
  • All our bots are conversational in nature mimicking human-like interactions 
  • In cases where bots cannot answer (or not trained to answer queries), you can seamlessly transition between bot and the human agent
  • Measurement of performance in bots is also significant as that can swing your costs significantly. Ensure you know how and what to measure and the recurring costs for bot deployments and optimization.