Welcome to the world of cyber security

As the security is one of the important in any business organisation .No business wants to be a victim of a cyber attack so the role of cyber security is an extremely prior.

Our main aim is to provide the protection for  customers at run time by Human Behavioral patterns(i.e Typing,Touch Pressure,Mouse movements..) ,and filling a gaps by laying a bridge through  FRM systems .

An AI built to protect you powered by NEOEYED

Verify Account Identity


This AI monitors new account creation and help you flag suspected accounts before such accounts are used for fraud 


16.7 Mln identity fraud victims in the U.S. 1.3 Mln more victims than previous year
Source: 2017 - Javelin Research

Prevent Account Takeover


 AI monitors 100+ behavioral factors to detect anomalies and prevent account takeover in real time 


In 2017, $5.1B account take over fraud occurred
Source: 2017 - Javelin Research

Detect Automated Bot Attacks


 AI understands human and non human behavior (from entities like BOTs) and protects you from malicious activities 


42.2% of all internet traffic wasn’t human
Source: 2017 - GlobalDots

Improve User Experience


 AI can replace 2FA or Captchas and reduce barriers during logins or check-outs 


42% of millennials would conduct more online transactions if there weren't so many security hurdles to overcome
Source: 2018 - Experian