Smart Attendance System (powered by Aindra Labs Engine)

Its always a tedious job for the faculty to handle student's attendance in every single classroom session the whole academic year. They are given 50 minutes of precious lecture time out of which 10 minutes is spent on roll calling. To deal with such unavoidable time mismanagement and to reduce administrative burden on teaching staff we bring to you Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Smart Attendance System- a unique facial recognition based app which readily recognizes students facial biometrics and uploads student data thus recording their absence or presence.

(Powered by Aindra labs engine.) 

Government schools in Tamil Nadu are moving to a computer vision and machine learning based Smart Attendance system, a product developed by Aindra Labs. The schools will now be able to record attendance using a face-recognition app on a simple smartphone thus reducing manual effort and time loss. The product has successfully completed it's pilot launch in Tamil Nadu by ICET – AIndra and will soon be implemented in 10,000 schools in the state in Phase 1.